Operational Outcomes

Working with aged care providers to improve efficiency and service delivery.

Outcomes Plus is dedicated to supporting aged care organisations improve operational performance. Aged care providers value our broad range of expertise, which includes more than 30 years’ of practical management experience.

Operational reviews

Outcomes Plus has a multi-disciplinary team that is well placed to assist aged care organisations to identify opportunities for improvement in operational efficiency and service delivery.
We support underperforming aged care providers develop and implement highly effective turn-around strategies, either for individual services or for the whole organisation.

Staffing reviews

Having the right number of people with the right skills is crucial in service oriented organisations.
Outcomes Plus works with aged care management to identify appropriate staffing profiles and rosters and to address skills gaps.
We can also develop staffing profiles for aged care facilities that are yet to be constructed, known as ‘virtual rosters’. These can inform both financial modelling and the design process.

Staff and Executive Mentoring and Coaching

Outcomes Plus helps aged care staff and management to achieve their potential through one-on-one and small group training and support.

Non-compliance and Sanctions

Outcomes Plus is registered with the Department of Health and Ageing as a Nurse Administrator.
We are able to work with staff and management of aged care organisations to identify and rectify areas of concern.

Case Study

  Southern Cross Care (Vic) Transitions from Losses to Growth



Southern Cross Care (Vic) (“SCCV”) is a major residential and home aged care provider across Victoria. In 2007 they were experiencing operational issues that were trending towards cashflow deficiencies and trading losses. They approached Outcomes Plus for help in turning their business around.


Our Service

Outcomes Plus assisted SCCV using a top down approach. This started with a thorough examination of their existing business and recommendations for wholesale changes to their service mix and business targets. In 2008 the Board accepted the key recommendations of our report and commenced a series of bold initiatives to improve their trading and expand their business.

Outcomes Plus was a key part of this new strategy by assisting SCCV to: –

– Develop staffing profiles that better aligned with ACFI funding

– Realise non-core assets to fund the renewal of old building stock

– Identify and assist with development options for new aged care homes

– Grow the business via a series of successful tenders and acquisitions making its home care business among the largest in the state

– Engaging local communities in every development

– Other related projects that were time critical.



Today, SCCV’s home care business is approximately 50 percent larger while its residential care portfolio has expanded and is expected to almost double in size by 2020. The overall organisation has been trading at well above industry norms.

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