Communications Outcomes

Supporting aged care organisations to articulate their vision and direction.

Outcomes Plus offers a comprehensive range of strategic and creative communications solutions to support aged care organisations to clearly articulate their vision and direction.

Development of communications strategies

Outcomes Plus supports aged care organisations to identify stakeholders and to establish the most effective way to communicate with them.
We help aged care providers to craft concise and consistent messages to create successful immediate and long term communication results.

Speech writing and press releases

If you “have a dream”, we can put it on paper.
Our team is experienced in the preparation of speeches, conference papers and press releases that engage, inform and motivate.

Liaison with government and agencies

Outcomes Plus is experienced at working with all levels of government: Federal, State and Local.
We help aged care providers work effectively with politicians and bureaucrats on a range of matters including planning applications, funding applications, relationship building and regulatory issues.

Community Consultations

Outcomes Plus supports aged care service providers to effectively engage with community organisations.
Our range of experience includes organising and facilitating public functions, integrating media strategies and organising and facilitating focus groups and targeted consultations.

Marketing and digital media

New models for aged and community care provision mean a strategic approach to aged care providers’ marketing and communications efforts has become crucial. Aged care providers must demonstrate that they understand their future residents, their particular needs and wishes and then communicate that understanding in an effective and consistent way to gain a competitive advantage.
Outcomes Plus can assist aged care providers with market research, developing a unique brand strategy and then implementing that strategy through a variety of channels and practices. This could include digital media via Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), online display advertising, email marketing and social media.

Case Study

Communications Strategy and Digital Marketing Find New Owner for Casa Elda Vaccari



Southern Cross Care (Vic)’s (SCCV) lease on a stunning, heritage listed property in Fitzroy North was coming to an end and would not be renewed because the property was unsuitable to operate a modern residential aged care facility. The termination of the lease created a major challenge for both the lessor (Gualtiero Vaccari Foundation) and the lessee (SCCV). The owner of the property was a charitable foundation that needed a suitable replacement tenant that would continue its charitable purpose. The lessee was operating an Italian specific aged care facility that needed new accommodation for its existing residents.


Our Service

Outcomes Plus consulted with residents and their families on acceptable future accommodation alternatives, specifically one which recognised and responded to their specific cultural needs. Simultaneously, Outcomes Plus worked with the Vaccari Foundation to find an alternate tenant for the former aged care facility. This involved a digital marketing campaign to attract an appropriate not-for-profit organisation with a suitable charitable purpose. A wide range of competitive proposals were assessed through an open tender process conducted by Outcomes Plus.



Outcomes Plus was able to negotiate the transfer of all existing residents to a brand new facility (Rathdowne Place) only two kilometres away. Residents and families alike were relieved that everyone could remain together in the new facility and that their Italian focus was not lost. After an extensive interview and assessment process, the building has been leased to Ronald McDonald House as a new centre for visiting children with serious illnesses. Building alterations are expected to commence in late 2016.

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