Closure of Outcomes Plus

The Directors of Outcomes Plus wish to advise you that after 20 years of continuous service, we have decided to close our doors. This decision brings with it a sense of both sadness and delight due to our change in circumstances. For those that were unaware, David was recently elected to the Victorian Legislative Council in the last state election and now finds himself unable to continue as a private consultant. Ken on the other hand has taken the opportunity to transition into a more retirement lifestyle although how long this lasts is yet to be seen.

While David has now left the employment of Outcomes Plus, Ken is staying on for a short time to complete existing commitments. Outcomes Plus will not be taking on any new clients in the future although existing clients are more than welcome to contact Ken for any advice or information needed. As our office will be closing shortly, any contact should be directly to Ken on his mobile (0418 556 932).

For those wishing to contact us in the future, our Post Office box will now change to: Outcomes Plus Pty Limited - PO Box 174 Aireys Inlet, 3231 Our email addresses will remain the same.

To all our clients and colleagues across the aged care sector, we thank you for your support and your trust. It has been an amazing journey for the Directors and staff of Outcomes Plus and we hope that the trust you have shown in us has been equally rewarding for your organisation.

We shall miss the consulting life, but hope our paths continue to cross in our future roles and lives. We wish you and your organisation, every success into the future.

Ken Ridgwell

David Ettershank

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“The Outcomes Plus financial framework is an integral part of our five year Strategic Plan and has contributed to our major investment in residential and home care services.”

- Sandra Hills, Chief Executive Officer, Benetas

“Demographic and competitor analysis by Outcomes Plus has provided valuable insights that inform our growth plans.  Likewise, their financial modelling is used in assessing all residential business opportunities”.

- Graeme Barnes, CFO, Uniting AgeWell

“After our EBA process stalled, O+ was retained to restart the process. Engaging O+ meant we were able to navigate the process better and  achieve a result that resulted in the broad support from all stakeholders.”

- Jacqui Gulczynski, Head of People Services and Hammond College, HammondCare

“Outcomes Plus is a trusted partner in all stages of our organisational redevelopment from Strategic and Capital Planning through to guiding the construction and redevelopment process.”

- Kerri Rivett, Chief Executive Officer, Shepparton Retirement Villages Inc

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