Comprehensive Consulting Services for Aged Care Organisations

Outcomes Plus is the management consultancy of choice providing multidisciplinary consulting services to aged care organisations.

We work collaboratively with Board members and senior management of residential and community care facilities, as well as retirement living and supported housing aged care providers.

Outcomes Plus is recognised for providing robust strategic solutions to the diverse business challenges facing Australia’s aged care organisations, with a particular sensitivity to the needs of not for profit organisations and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.

Outcomes Plus empowers Australia’s aged care providers to achieve change, meet organisational priorities, ensure long-term sustainability and maximise social dividends.

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“The Outcomes Plus financial framework is an integral part of our five year Strategic Plan and has contributed to our major investment in residential and home care services.”

- Sandra Hills, Chief Executive Officer, Benetas

“Demographic and competitor analysis by Outcomes Plus has provided valuable insights that inform our growth plans.  Likewise, their financial modelling is used in assessing all residential business opportunities”.

- Graeme Barnes, CFO, Uniting AgeWell

“After our EBA process stalled, O+ was retained to restart the process. Engaging O+ meant we were able to navigate the process better and  achieve a result that resulted in the broad support from all stakeholders.”

- Jacqui Gulczynski, Head of People Services and Hammond College, HammondCare

“Outcomes Plus is a trusted partner in all stages of our organisational redevelopment from Strategic and Capital Planning through to guiding the construction and redevelopment process.”

- Kerri Rivett, Chief Executive Officer, Shepparton Retirement Villages Inc

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