Strategic Outcomes

Outcomes Plus works with aged care providers and other organisations to develop and clearly articulate strategic directions, either at an organisational level or to address specific issues or projects.

Development of Strategic Plans

Outcomes Plus works alongside aged care providers to identify, document and achieve their goals and objectives.

We have undertaken strategic planning exercises in a range of contexts: under the direction of the aged care organisation’s CEO or senior management, or through a broader consultative methodology involving multiple stakeholders.

Implementation Strategies

Outcomes Plus takes a pragmatic approach to implementing strategies, recognising the complexities of aged care providers’ organisational settings.

Our consultants make sure they have a thorough understanding of the resources available to meet organisational goals and objectives.

We work hard to maintain the commitment of aged care Boards and stakeholders to ensure strategic success.

Business Planning and Project Viability Assessments

Outcomes Plus works with aged care providers to develop a strategic scope, clearly defining the boundaries of projects.

We collaborate with aged care organisations to ensure projects are backed by sound business cases.

Outcomes Plus undertakes relevant research including risk analysis, cost/benefit assessments and demographic and competitor profiles to determine project viability.

Development of Key Performance Indicators

We believe that many aged care ‘industry benchmarks’ are at best imprecise and are often misleading when used in specific organisational contexts.

Outcomes Plus works with aged care providers to develop KPIs that are relevant, informative, concise and easily adopted across all organisational levels.

Due Diligence Management for Mergers and Acquisitions

Outcomes Plus has coordinated due diligences for multiple aged care merger and acquisition transactions, linking with lawyers, building professionals, operational management, information technology and finance professionals.

We are also proactive in identifying opportunities for aged care organisations and have led and supported many negotiations.

Construction Outcomes

Outcomes Plus works with aged care organisations from concept to completion to ensure their development and redevelopment projects are successful.

(Re)Development scoping exercises

Outcomes Plus works with aged care providers to ensure projects link to organisational priorities and capacity.
We can assist in the development or redevelopment of residential aged care facilities, retirement villages and assisted living accommodation.
Outcomes Plus supports aged care organisations to prepare business parameters to inform the design process.

Master planning of sites and facilities

Outcomes Plus links with architects, building professionals, management and stakeholders to shape cohesive site responses.
We undertake financial feasibility assessments and can advise on design to deliver practical solutions to built-form problems.

Development of design briefs

Outcomes Plus works with aged care organisations to clearly articulate their goals and objectives and to help designers to understand clients’ needs.
We have extensive experience in working with both internal and external stakeholders through user groups to ensure that collective needs and aspirations are captured.

Assistance with Tendering

Outcomes Plus works with aged care providers to develop Expressions of Interest for architects and other building professionals.
We also support aged care organisations in the assessment of EOI responses.

Facilitation of User Groups and Project Control Groups

Outcomes Plus works with aged care organisations to establish User Groups and Project Control Groups to facilitate the effective delivery of projects.
We are highly experienced in coordinating and liaising between aged care organisations and building teams.

Communication Outcomes

Outcomes Plus offers a comprehensive range of strategic and creative communications solutions to support aged care organisations to clearly articulate their vision and direction.

Development of communications strategies

Outcomes Plus supports aged care organisations to identify stakeholders and to establish the most effective way to communicate with them.
We help aged care providers to craft concise and consistent messages to create successful immediate and long term communication results.

Speech writing and press releases

If you “have a dream”, we can put it on paper.
Our team is experienced in the preparation of speeches, conference papers and press releases that engage, inform and motivate.

Liaison with government and agencies

Outcomes Plus is experienced at working with all levels of government: Federal, State and Local.
We help aged care providers work effectively with politicians and bureaucrats on a range of matters including planning applications, funding applications, relationship building and regulatory issues.

Community Consultations

Outcomes Plus supports aged care service providers to effectively engage with community organisations.
Our range of experience includes organising and facilitating public functions, integrating media strategies and organising and facilitating focus groups and targeted consultations.

Growth Outcomes

Outcomes Plus has assisted our clients develop successful submissions with numerous tenders and funding applications especially for State and Commonwealth Governments such as: –


• Government grants for Business Improvement, building redevelopment

• Business acquisitions and sales